Tuesday, February 2, 2010

change the splash screen of Jdeveloper

How many times you will see the old jdeveloper splash screen. Customize your own screen as splash.gif in 
.. \ mw_home\jdeveloper\jdev\bin

Source controlling using ade

ADE is the source control tool used to version files. The tool is not GUI based but its very powerful if used efficiently

basic steps are

Create view (ade createview -series)
Use view (ade useview)
Create a transaction (ade begintrans )
checkout Files / Add new files (ade co)
Update files
Checkin files (ade ci)
Save the transaction (ade savetrans)
Begin merge (ade beginmerge)
Merge transaction (ade mergetrans)
End merge (ade endmerge)

for more information, please check ade

What is fusion and what are we doing..

Fusion as the name describes is the collective integration of best of breed softwares to simplify business needs. The revolutionary dream of Oracle claims to change the way we see buisness applications.

Some of the key technologies included are

UI Technology – ADF UI, ADF DI, ADF Mobile
Model Technology – Oracle Database, Hyperion
Orchestration – Oracle BPEL Process Manager
Secuirty – Oracle Platform Secuirty Services OPSS
Server - Oracle Weblogic Server

Customization – Oracle Metadata Services MDS
Aditional Technology – Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Services ESS, Oracle Business Rules OBR, Oracle Data Integrator ODI

and many more technologies from acquired products.